Christ in me, my HOPE

Living in Christ daily allows him to awaken inside me what is hidden, broken, distraught and disheveled. The inner place where my soul is unleashed, allows God’s word to grow within me, faith is developed for my future; it lays ahead of me. Breath life into my soul, Lord. May I see your humanity, asContinue reading “Christ in me, my HOPE”

You don’t know me….. or do you?

What a great visit to LW Christian Church in New Lenox today. The sermon started with this song by Ray Charles….(you don’t know me), a good song, but kinda sad… right? Which is a thought provoking topic to really think about as we ponder such a topic. I’m going to indulge and share even moreContinue reading “You don’t know me….. or do you?”

Connect with God today

FEAR disconnects us from God’s VERY best. God’s grace fills us up to OVERFLOWING! The devil RIPS us apart and tears us down. Worry and fear  are OPPOSITES of faith. Who will you BELIEVE today? God, or the devil …. Speak Life over yourself and your family.     I AM BLESSED! Speak LIfe – TobyContinue reading “Connect with God today”