Book review of Facing the Dawn, by Cynthia Ruchti

I enjoyed this book, it is like living real life, the drama, the reality, the good, the struggle — BUT God. I am so happy to read an author’s book that relates real bible comfort. References to God – “emotional – loss, faith, hope and redemption” is how Debbie Macomber put it. (and we loveContinue reading “Book review of Facing the Dawn, by Cynthia Ruchti”

BOOK REVIEW: Miriam’s Song, by Jill Eileen Smith

I enjoy the creating of a story from a story. Something real and making it relatable in a novel. As I am still reading the book, I am digging into the real Biblical story of Miriam. As long as it doesn’t become sacrilegious to compare the two stories, I find it to be delightful, andContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Miriam’s Song, by Jill Eileen Smith”

Book review of A dance in Donegal by Jennifer Deibel

This book based in the early 1900s and in the Boston. On a quest to Ireland,  by a promise made, Maura journeys to Ballymun to teach.    As the story line reads, the tension of living in another country offers insecurities and some isolation, as I would imagine, especially during the early 1900s. Like a feeling ofContinue reading “Book review of A dance in Donegal by Jennifer Deibel”

BOOK REVIEW: All that we carry, by Erin Bartels

Ah!!! I so enjoy the writing of Erin Bartels! She’s a midwest girl like me.Her book “All that we carried” is a novel tells a story that is relatable, easy to follow, yet enticing enough to want more with each page read!Life is “treacherous” at times… how we handle each situation is a story.I enjoyContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: All that we carry, by Erin Bartels”


What I appreciate about Sharon’s writing, whether in book form, or blogging, (and speaking), she is honest, real, forthright and relevant for today. In her newest book, When you Don’t like your Story.…. it relates to our very personal life. Life is tough. We do things we regret; things happen to us that may be simply horrific,Continue reading “BOOK review WHEN YOU DON’T LIKE YOUR STORY”

Ending the year with strength

Here we are, December of TWENTY-TWENTY. Pandemonium. Pandemic. Irregularities of every kind. Sickness. Aloneness. Depression. Suicides. Chaos. Virus called Covid19. Deceit. Election gone awry. Hatred. Sadness and too much of it! We ask WHY. This IS our FREE America, yet people are acting crazy. Some ask why God would allow this to go this far.Continue reading “Ending the year with strength”