There is a hope

Waiting. Why is it so difficult?….. Listening – for His still small voice for direction and instruction. I am slowly giving up my “right’ to be “right”. Because I am certain that   Jesus knows what is best for me.  He holds the keys to the specific door  of which I should walk through.  TheContinue reading “There is a hope”

What a friendship

Relax…. The peacefulness of Jesus’ wonderful love brings contentment, like nothing else. Having sweet communion (not the communion of grape juice – I’m talking about the fellowship type of communion that brings on a close relational friendship), brings joy… unspeakable joy – that deep down kinda joy that rises up within your soul. I’ve learned that takingContinue reading “What a friendship”

Amazing Love

                                 Amazing love how can it be                                    That you my king would die for  me                           _______________________________________________                        It is amazing – how MUCH he loves us! I was talking with a friend tonight, and we were in agreement that God’s kingdom must always be first in our lives. If you call yourself a “Christ’ian, you mustContinue reading “Amazing Love”