Who is my portion?

Do you struggle with your worth? Have you been caught up in abuse, lies, or entangled situations that you may have never imagine you’d be living in, or with?  Is life reeling out of control? Do you yearn for living a peaceful life, and not a world of lies?  A peaceful, wonderful life can beContinue reading “Who is my portion?”

Is Jesus on the sideline?

So, today I write to ask you, do you love Jesus? Really love Him? Is He the Center of your life? Every day? Or just when you are in a crisis? Or, maybe, he’s the center of it, if life is going well? Have you ever ignored Jesus as he waited in the bleachers, to sit in theContinue reading “Is Jesus on the sideline?”

What a friendship

Relax…. The peacefulness of Jesus’ wonderful love brings contentment, like nothing else. Having sweet communion (not the communion of grape juice – I’m talking about the fellowship type of communion that brings on a close relational friendship), brings joy… unspeakable joy – that deep down kinda joy that rises up within your soul. I’ve learned that takingContinue reading “What a friendship”