His umbrella over you

We work, we play. The busy-ness of our life runs to and fro;  so many activities, kids, job, church, sports, hobbies, family, that sometimes our soul runs dry. We lose sight and can’t see the ray of hope that God shines willingly over us. We take so much value in superficial things, the location ofContinue reading “His umbrella over you”

Be a Warrior

It is time to rise up into NEW life. Struggles are real. Troubles will come and go. But standing firm in the foundation of GOD’s love, grace and heart will guide you to GO IN and possess what he has planned for YOU to do. To possess means to TAKE ACTION. Do it. Do itContinue reading “Be a Warrior”

Life is like …..

Life is like a pair of gorgeous stilettos. Yep, I am using stilettos as an example of our life “walk”! Imagine finding a pair of the most unbelievable, gorgeous, comfortable pair of stilettos.They fit perfect, you buy them, and one day get all dressed up real pretty, put on those shoes, you are feelin’ fine!Continue reading “Life is like …..”