I am Battle Ready book is a newly launched and written by Kelly Balarie.  It’s been pretty amazing so far, as I dig into the wealth of information she has offered, all biblcally based. Do you need some change? Join me, as we walk a new path, learning how God can make us into newContinue reading “I am BATTLE READY, Review”

Family Ties – is it a love or hate relationship?

Family Gatherings can bring a host of feelings when it comes to spending time together. We never asked to be born into the family we have. It just happens. God chooses us to be right smack in the middle of love, mercy, joy, and fun, or …… in reality, we are in the midst ofContinue reading “Family Ties – is it a love or hate relationship?”

Hurt – and healing – God’s way.

Consider the hurts and pains you may endure, previous or present. What hang-ups, habits,  and choices, good or bad, knowing or unknowingly, you have incurred?. Choices. Good. Bad. Ugly and indifferent. PAIN alerts us – tells us  – we need HELP! In a fire, do you just say, oh my, there’s a fire? No, you go getContinue reading “Hurt – and healing – God’s way.”