Review of Nothing Short of Wondrous by Regina Scott

I enjoy a good series. Regina shares her knowledge of history into each storyline with great detail without it becoming boring. (I’m not a history buff – at all!). Based in the Civil war era, in the American wilderness, the harshness of war, leaves a woman with some cynicism and determination to live life withoutContinue reading “Review of Nothing Short of Wondrous by Regina Scott”

Hope for today

God comforts us, and he binds the brokenness within our minds and hearts; it is by his GRACE that he fills us up, redeems us and offers a HOPE that nothing nor nobody can offer. We are in precedented times, that we have not seen before, and some things that have gotten worse over time.Continue reading “Hope for today”

What NOT to say to someone grieving

Seems like many people are afraid of death. Death is guaranteed to us on the day we are born. Some get to live a full long life. Other times babies die, children, teens or young adults. We live in a world that has numerous diseases, accidents, suicides and such. It’s sad when people die muchContinue reading “What NOT to say to someone grieving”