Life is like …..

Life is like a pair of gorgeous stilettos. Yep, I am using stilettos as an example of our life “walk”! Imagine finding a pair of the most unbelievable, gorgeous, comfortable pair of stilettos.They fit perfect, you buy them, and one day get all dressed up real pretty, put on those shoes, you are feelin’ fine!Continue reading “Life is like …..”

Wearing a crown of wisdom

I’m reading through  Proverbs this month. Did you realize there are 31 Proverbs, and 30-31 days in each month. One Proverb for each day! Pretty neat, huh!? Won’t you travel this road with me and really put each verse into your heart, mind and let’s decide together to live it out. These are some importantContinue reading “Wearing a crown of wisdom”