January 17 2012 – Yep continuing on with – What’s that theme?

This theme might be a little more difficult.. if you guess right – you get a prize!

I will say – this theme, well… it is NOT “barn” – that would be too easy!

Ooooh, these are some of my favorite pictures! I’m glad I had my camera this particular  winter  – cold, clear day… Have lots more to add to this set – waiting for the right  time to bring them all together! Can hardly wait~

New Blog Type!

Well, with much contemplation on what to make of my blogging sessions,

(since I have had such a time constraint this past year with committing to blogging regularly – and , yeah, dude, it takes some time to blog! Gotta set up the design, blog, edit, check, re-check, post, oops had a typo – go in re-edit – WOW! Go figure!  )…I decided to …. dadadadun…….

since I have this blog “attached” to my website, (www.dbpbd.com) I thought, well, why don’t I just simplify and do what I love to do – photo blog’s!

They do say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so wow would that free up some time (to spend editing and creating more photo projects, which is where the money comes in anyway!!!).

As I look through my vast amount of photos, I come across some that just stand out; So, what I think I will do is bullet a few words or statements – maybe it’ll be a memory, maybe it’ll be about the artistic reference – we’ll take it as we go!

I think I will be able to do this on a very regular basis – not just once a month!

So – with that said – onward we go!


Jan. 12, 2012 Snowy Sidewalk
Today we have snow; the first real snow of the season which got me to thinking how the weather affects so many people; In many different ways; Our bodies are sensitive to the changes – by way of sinus’, eye changes, joints become stiffer. I noticed (as I got over the age of 35), that my head became a barometer, I always know when we have rain or snow coming in; Interestingly cool, in once sense, but not so much in the other, because it affected my eyes (hard to work if you can’t read the computer screen because of a headache!)

Then there are the actual seasons! Living in the Midwest, where we have “four” (supposed) seasons, we have lots of diverse emotions that come along with it! Some can’t stand the snow, some don’t like dismal autumn season, when leaves fall down, and days become shorter, and winter is lurking around the corner. Summer can be crazy hot (my least favorite temperature on the thermometer!). But we know it is inevitable – we will have changes; every year – it is consistent! Heat will come, snow will fall – rain storms happen, threats of hurricane, tornados and the like are all possibilities during the course of the year! And with each season brings chores, spring, summer AND fall, all have lots to do lists (for THREE QUARTERS OF THE YEAR!!!), weeding, planting, pruning, cutting, mowing, raking… you get the idea). Winter in the Midwest consists of a few days of snow. So, get the shovel or blower out and do that driveway and sideway; there’s still a lots less time consumed outside with chores then the other seasons! And it’s good exercise, and even with the cold, it is invigorating to get outside and get fresh air!

So, I ask, why is it we complain? I think, well, if I seriously hated the snow (which I don’t), I would definately be moving myself to a warm climate – where there is no snow! There ARE options. But, my bigger thought is, God made the seasons, for a reason! They are synonymous with our lives. In life we are born, the spring time represents our childhood, we’re budding blossoming and growing; summertime is our youth, strong and full of energy; autumn is adulthood where we mature and harvest; winter is the blessings of wisdom and maturity. Interesting, isn’t it!?!

And, one last thought, probably the most important, God in his amazing wonderful, powerful strength and imagination, created all these seasons for us – to enjoy! I was spiritually slapped upside the head a few months back, when in a very short period of time, the Holy Spirit made SURE I understood this concept: if you complain (you remain) about the seasons, you are telling God you know more than he, and lack respect for His creation. So, I don’t complain! I still am not fond of the heat, it doesn’t blend with my body well, but I appreciate the summer and Praise Him for A/C!, and enjoy the fact I CAN wear my favorite shoe – the sandal (not fond of socks and closed in shoes), there are good and bad with everything, which includes our wonderful seasons!

Here are some scriptures I pulled up that talk about seasons:

 Gen.31:10;  Exodus 34:21;   Leviticus 2:13:   Leviticus 26:4;  
 Numbers 13:19-21;    Deut. 11:14; Deut. 28:12; Ezra 10:13; Job 5:26; Job 6:17;  
Psalm 1:3; Psalm 104:19; Eccl 3:1; Jeremiah. 5:24;
  Exekiel 34:26; Acts 14:17; 2 Timothy 4:2

So, as the snowflakes fall, see each flake in its uniqueness like each person’s fingerprint – and think.. God – YOU ARE AMAZING! 🙂

I just came across this article online, and it just adds to what my thoughts are:
Cold, wet and dark are three of my least favorite things, and winter has them in spades.
This winter though, I’ve been attempting to find God’s handiwork in the season rather
than just being upset that it’s not spring yet. Needless to say, it’s been a very enlightening experience.

Appreciation of Creation is a way in which we worship the Creator.
It’s almost trivially easy to do in spring, summer and fall; the colors and smells
draw us into a celebratory and worshipful mood.
To find praise-worthy elements of winter has meant being purposeful
about noticing the world around me.

One quick example: call me dense, but it took me until this winter to really realize how serene a
heavy snowfall can be. There are few sensations as relaxing as standing in a freshly blanketed field
 looking around at the world covered in a white sheen. This year, the snow was even enough to
 force cities into a rare and well-needed quietude. Just being able to soak in the silence and sit
 in the awe of the expansiveness of God’s Creation has been wonderfully refreshing.

What about you? Do you take time to thank God for all of the seasons?
 Is there anything you find praise-worthy about winter?

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No, this is not from this year, unfortunately, just some sprinklings have been in our area! This was last years snowfall! Mighty pretty it was!

January 2, 2012
Happy New Year to you! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday; I know I am soooo looking forward to a new year; Seems like  many others are too; I heard and read many comments the past few weeks on people ready to be so done with ’11 – and hoping for a new start in ’12.
I know in my own life, there has been a transformation; a shifting, which leads me to expectation of a great new year, I feel it in my bones – and anticipate wonderful things for this year!
I am reading through the bible in a year (again), today I am into the story of Noah. He was diligent, he took direction well after God told him what to do. It took so much time to build that boat; people made fun of him, ridiculed him; Can you imagine the thoughts Noah may have had as he was preparing and building it? Think of it – rain – over all the earth – to flood it? for real? why would God be that extreme? (we know why – but couldn’t there have been another way? – and who are we to question God! So Noah did what God asked). So, the day comes – he gets  stuck  into the boat with his family – and ALL of the animals in creation. I love animals, but can you imagine the smell – tight quarters – (were there pooper/pee scooper’s back then? – ick) – and for forty days – (which to my understanding was actually closer to a year)- UGHGHGHGH!
    After thinking about it for a moment, (and a nudging of the Holy Spirit), isn’t that a synopsis of life? Sometimes even when we are doing what we believe to be correct,  all of a sudden life takes a nasty, unforeseen turn; and BAM! People kick you when you’re down; scoff, try to tell you what you did wrong (and trust me – we ALL do stuff that is wrong now and again – but it is all about how to turn it around the right way), and say  or do worse (read the story of Job – true colors shown brightly by the people he thought were his friends)! People can hurt you so badly – especially  when times are rough, I can only imagine what Noah went through as he obeyed God and people thought he was cah-razeeey!
What God is showing me  – is obedience and relationship to him is better than anything anyone can do to harm (or even help)! God loves us so much – SO very much – and that is part of my Spiritual goal for this year – is to get up in his lap, (you see, I am His daughter, and we love each other so!) and to talk to him about my life – (every little and big thing!); I will listen to His wisdom and guidance. He is faithful to show me /us  the way to go.
Like Noah, I want to trust Him like I have never trusted Him before, even when it does not make sense! So,are you ready to step it up a notch or two with me? – for the Kingdom! Results will come – as he works it all out! Exciting! And I look forward to sharing testimonies with you!
Donna  —
I have not gotten clear direction on which way to take this blogging yet – whether to pop in and say hello –  or to bring in a devotion – or just have some little antidotes; so please be patient with me as I feel my way into this, and make it a part of my regular schedule;

Doggie love

If you aren’t an animal lover, you might not understand this kinda love.  I just took my two girls in for a grooming; I’m home now, and do not like the quietness of the house without them here. It’s only for a few hours, but  there sure is a silence about the house. I really love my girls. I have two dogs and a cat. (the cat is half dog – in how she acts!).

My Chloe is just the protector and hunter girl. She saves us from the squirrels that haunt us (thanks to our friendly neighbor who puts food out for the “precious” little creatures, to bring over to our yard and taunt and tease my animals – relentlessly).  But Chloe is our  protector. She has such a strong love for the boys and I –  it’s an amazing thing to observe how devoted she is to us. Ugh, how I love her !!!

A few weeks ago, I did a photo shoot on horses. What sweet animals they are as well. They are very smart. And very jealous! As I was petting and talking to one, another horse would push over in front of that one as if to say, “Um, hello – I’m here too and need attention!!” Just too adorable.
Gotta love em, talk to them, and enjoy them. They know exactly what is goin on!
It grieves my heart when people hurt animals. Whether by not taking care of them, or hitting them. Animals are like kids and people. If you are mean – they will breed mean-ness from that abuse. Give them discipline, and they may not “like it”, but that breeds contentment and respect and love to the owner and other people.


As hyper as my Chloe is, she knows my voice. She may make a few grunting noises as she wants her way at times, but she knows, if momma ain’t happy with her — ain’t nobody gonna be happy!  🙂 
But in the end  – she gives me the paw and in her own little cute way, says, I’m sorry mommie, I love you, here’s a peace offering – my paw. Now, she is not a dog that is lovey dovey  – by no means! But a small kiss on my hand is worth lots of sloppy kisses from most other dogs, and I have learned to appreciate that small token of love from her.


I can’t imagine ever not having a dog. What a void it would be to not have those happy feet and wagging tails jumping all around, and greeting me when I get home.  I can’t wait to pick them up from the groomers – they will smell wonderful and we will all be happy and content together at home. Simple, joyful, happy love. Happy fall ya’ll !


People ask me why I smile ….

A glad heart makes a cheerful face, but by sorrow of heart the spirit is broken… A happy heart is GOOD medicine and a cheerful mind works healing. A broken spirit dries up the bones. Proverbs 15:13, 17:22

I started to write this on my Facebook status, and thought I would expound on it Blog-type! Joy is contagious! (although I have known some people- even relatives- say that my “joy” must be fake, NO one can be that Happy~)…
But I beg to prove anyone wrong who makes those kinds of statements! Because, the joy of the Lord IS my strength –(Nehemiah 8:10) and from Him, all gifts are made perfect, because He is perfect.

Most women are so overly concerned with their makeup and clothes that they wear – spending endless hours shopping; too much time fixing the hair, making sure their makeup is “just so”….(that’s just plain ol’ vanity)…But what makes a woman beautiful…is her smile, and eyes that light up with joy. The eyes are the window to the soul!

Be joyful! – pure joy – that comes from the heart – and all the other stuff will fall into place!

Joyce Meyer wrote in a devotional, which I found a  great statement in it that said: “when you were born, you were crying and everyone around you was smiling; …when you die, you will be smiling and everyone else will be crying”.

Point in case being, how do we get a joyful spirit? Live a life pleasing and serving Jesus – and it will bring joy; that joy will be contagious to all you come in contact with – smiles flowing freely, peoples’ spirits will be lifted – and joy will spring forth and the ripple effect will occur! 

Remember: a smile is just a frown turned upside down!

How much criticism do you get?

Seems like those who get criticized the most are the  folks  who are called to change things, or  come up with new ideas, they are willing to get out of the box; they find new ideas to invent;
They are willing to fail, dust themselves off and try again until it works!
Those who are critical – or criticize others, are the people who never seem to change; they have a schedule, they take the same route home, shop at the same stores and so on.  They don’t like change, it is easier to be critical of those inventors, or the ones who like to spice things up in life, even if it may not work out on a positive note.
It reminds me of something, sort of on a smaller scale, but I had taken a cruise many years ago with my BFF (best friend forever). The food choices on a cruise are endless! I realized that was the opportune time to try new foods I had never tried before! My BFF was, I think, astonished at my “courageousness” to do so! First choice of trial food: caviar! I wanted to know what the fuss was all about!
(mind you, that the quality of food on cruises tends to be very good).
So, I place my order at dinner. It sure did not look appealing! But I tried it – and was not so impressed with it in the least bit; the texture, the “taste”, all, mmm, yeah, not so impressed!   Point being: I took the bull by the horn, had the opportunity and gave it a try!
You know, God gave us this whole world to enjoy. There is so much to learn, places to go, things to see, people to meet,
and try-try -try – new things along the way.
Do you have an idea that you think would be helpful to people? Try it out and see if it works; if it doesn’t tweek it, do it another way –
(how many times did Edison and Ford try – before their inventions worked!!!)
When you try, even if it doesn’t work the way you plan, there is still that feeling of accomplishment! You did it – rain or shine, fail or succeed!
We are each made so uniquely, bringing something different to the table, that it balances out. It’s not a competition we are in, one may have the gift of baking, another writing, or teach or fixing cars! All together, we have been given talents to utilize! Not to tear down or criticize!  We are accountable to God for fulfilling and DOING what we are able to do! Don’t let the naysayers of the world knock you down – you are a blessing – and I encourage you to dream big, try and then try again –
and hey, go try some caviar! You might like it! (you can have my share!)

Give up – Give in – or Give it your all

It is with such sadness that I write this blog today. It is not my intention to be Donna downer in my blogging, but after driving home today, I feel prompted to write about it. My heart is heavy at the loss of someone (that I indirectly knew) and only a year younger than me who chose to end life by suicide. I am not going to talk about this person directly, because I don’t know this person – but because this person was married to an older friend of mine’s child, it has affected me. I don’t know the circumstances. I can only imagine – but won’t speculate. But I will say, many things float through my mind, (as does the family, I am sure!), the first thought is:

What an ugly – ugly word that is: Suicide.

The question is why? What in life could be made so horrific, so immensely difficult, to say in short: I can’t bear it any longer…it’s over. Done. Finished, Over-with. Not fighting this fight. In fact the surviving spouse said it so eloquently; we (referring to the remaining spouse & their children) were not worth fighting for –

Now THAT is a kick in the head. To have someone intimately close to me say, you don’t love me enough to fight for me. Profound – yet incredibly – sad.

That thought leads me to yet another mind blower. Suicide is completely and utterly selfish. Does that seem harsh? It is though. This raced through my mind over and over again as I drove home. Could it be a person is too weak to face the problems in life? Most likely. But really, the person who doesn’t stop to say, “Self, there is this mountain of a problem, and I can’t face it; can’t do it; can’t face up to it. It is absolutely insurmountable, just cannot take the consequences, so I am gonna finish it all now.”, and not worry or think of the many people left behind who will miss you for the many years to come.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not judging, lest you walk a mile in my shoes, or I in yours!!! I really do have total empathy for those mountains of problems. I’ve had my share of them. We all know that set of problems that come our way that seem too big to tackle. Problems so large we cannot sleep, eat, or see past the issue at hand. Really, and honestly, when those problems are in our face – you DO want to run the other way – and it SUCKS!

When the caterpillar struggles to get out of that cocoon, it is DIFFICULT! But he pushes and shoves and creeps til he breaks through – and through that difficult time in that little fuzzy worm’s life, it becomes a radiantly beautiful butterfly that floats through the air.

The bible refers to our trials that we are refined like gold in the course of the process. Gold is valuable. It is pretty. When made into a ring, it goes through a refining process to make it shiny and desirable. Have you ever thought about the many people in the world who seem to have “made it” in life. Something about them is desirable and comfortable. If you get to know them, I bet they have a mountain story to tell, and coming through it made them comfortable which in turn makes others want to be around them. Life’s struggles really can make you – if you let them NOT break you. .

So, what is the answer and what is a person to do. The real answer. Are you really ~ really ready? Really ready? If you know me, you do know what I am gonna say. The only perfect answer to life’s problems, good or bad, is Jesus. He came that we might live – and not die. Because even in dying, we live eternally in heaven, with the Father, who is faithful every time we need him. God has the answers. But like anything in life, we need to seek after the truth. We need to put effort into it. We can’t sit back and say “Hey, yo Daddy, lemme have the answer”. Doesn’t quite work that way. We need to read the Bible. It has every answer to every problem, every time. We need accountable partners, spouses, pastors, close friends and family members that we can go to and be honest about things that happen. We need to be willing to listen – LISTEN to others pain, hurt or problems. We need to encourage each other in the Lord.

Proverbs 18:10 says the name of the Lord is a STRONG tower; the godly RUN to him and are SAFE. (my emphasis).

We should pray for the Lord to disturb us in such a way that we never look at things on this earth and to concentrate on these “things” or “self”, but to seek after the Life Giver, the one who holds all the answers we need. It’s not complicated; it’s us that make life complicated.

Jesus made it easy, so we can rise up as on eagle’s wings. To soar, not be subdued. Let’s look at life from His perspective and help others along the way and to look at everyone, even those who seem to have it “all together” and love them, encourage everyone, and give some hugs away – they are free!

Won’t you be a hugging life giver with me, so that no one in our sphere of influence will ever feel so lost that they would hurt themselves or others? Join me – today and make a difference in people’s lives! Let us live life to the fullest, and never let anyone feel like life is worth ending, help solve problems and not create problems.

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