The Snake

How sneaky is the snake?

5785 Snake

I was on my phone one evening, you know, scrolling, scrolling, time wasting, as I  was unwinding my busy brain, so I could get to sleep. I love animals. So, of course, when a cute rolly polly set of bears  video came up, I had to watch them playfully walk through someones backyard, as if they were dogs that belonged to that particular home, it made me smile. I just want to hug them! Oh, if they didn’t have such big claws and mean teeth that would rip me to shreds….I wish I could kiss those noses…. ok, let me dream a little, please!

Got sidetracked by bear adorableness… continuing on with the story.  Endless videos continued to scroll,  you know how when one completes, the next one pops up … which  brought me to an ugly ol’ python! Yuck and yuck! Those things are HA-UGE! I was drawn in, as I watched with  one eye closed the other eye sort of crooked, not wanting to watch, yet I was saying “NO” outloud, how could this be?

It was devouring, veryyyy slowly  – s.l.o.w.l.y…. a baby dear,   it had to be at least a few weeks or possibly a few months old. I don’t know how fast they grow, but it was a wee one for sure. Poor momma, if she were around… makes me sad baby had to go through that slimy creatures belly. That snake just adapts to whatever it eats. The skin and all just expounds. Can I say YUCK again!?? Ewe!!

How can something with that little face, no legs, no arms, do so much damage? I know…. keep reading, I will justify my point, I get how the animal culture works.

Now, I know, you are cringing. I am too. Save the baby. Save the deer and CRUSH that snakes head into smithereens.  As a visual, I normally  would use a photograph to illustrate my point, but that is much too graphic. I decided to spare everyone the impression  of Bambi Brunch, not wanting it  engraved in your mind forever…….but maybe we need to have that shock value in our memory base.

Let me explain……

Yes,  we know that  the way of the animal kingdom needs to pray on each other. Mr S, as I will call him, was hungry. As sick as it is for us humans to fathom. It turned my stomach, he was hungry and needed to eat, but it got me thinking.

Let’s get real with each other. We all have struggles. Bad things happen. We go through dark times, difficulties beyond our control. Mistakes made, purposed or innocently that take us down a rocky terrain. We must always be careful, and mindful of this snake’s sneakiness want’s us to fall  in the messy unstable rocks. Yes, of course there are obvious times that he attacks very obviously. But like a phython, they blend in, quietly, waiting for it’s prey to feel weakened. There is a sensory in our demeanor, whether we speak out the words or not, he knows when to attack. Once he has his grip on you, like our baby deer, he chokes, leaving the victim without breath, the heart stops and dies. The bible tells us Satan comes to kill steal and destroy.  The caveat to that verse, is that we are to be aware of onslaught and be prepared with God’s Armor and His Word because  GOD sent Jesus to GIVE US LIFE – ABUNDANT life.

5449 Flowers

The hold Satan has on some lasts a lifetime. The subtle words from a family member or friend that leaves you feeling ugly, owrthless or not smart – all lies. God made YOU IN HIS IMAGE! Which means you are alright!  You do NOT have to allow Satan to wrap his long eight foot body around you with the intention of a slow. kill. No! You are fingerprinted and designed for amazing things so you can tell YOUR story to others. God gets the glory!

The snake is related to the ENEMY of our soul. The devil, is called the serpent. (Gen. 3 and Rev. 20). He slithers around quietly, on the look out crawling around in a pretty field like this,  determinted to be as patient as  he needs to be, awaiting his prey. Who will he devour today?  …. and he has a team, that works towards ruining us believers,  he does not work alone.

5783 Snake
Take the serpent by the head and snap it! Jesus already paid the ultimate price for Satan to stay in hell – where he chose to go. The enemies kingdom  eternally ……is HELLish.   You have overcome Him with and by the POWER of JESUS.

Take your amazing graced AUTHORITY  – because YOU are an OVERCOMER. No more living in the death and distruction that the enemy unfolds before your path. Take your authority with the WORD OF GOD – and LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST! AMEN!


Hmm, the words PREY and PRAY – sound the same,  how about the meaning; PREY, is to mark, spoil, game, kill, victimize, quest;  to PRAY is to ask, get permission, beseech, say, commune with. When you are in the midst of a trial, or have an unsettling sense that life is amiss, whether in the moment or over a long period of time, stop and pray. Pray over the one who preys to put you in a minor or major path of distruction.

For further scripture studying on the enemy, aka serpent, snake, devourer, grab your devotional journal to take notes, then dig into the word to learn the POWER YOU HAVE over him. Awareness is key. You are bought by the Blood of Christ, you win over all tactics of the devil. But never underestimate his power, he comes to kill steal and destroy.


Gen. 3:14

Isaiah 65:25 and 27: 1 

Exodus 4:3 and 7:9 

Psalm 91:13 and 140:3. and 58: 4-5 

Numbers 21:7-9

2 Corinthians 11:3

Luke 10:19

Deuteronomy 8:13-17

Amos 5:19 and 9:3


Father, we come to you, with our sometimes, most times, weakened lives, wishing I had not made a comment, gotten angry, hurt someone, or ________ (you fill in the blank). But you are Soverign and full of mercy and grace. I come humbly yet with assurance to ask for forgiveness for this sin. These sins. wash me clean. Thank you for letting me begin again. I love you Jesus. The enemy is crushed. He has NO power over my life, nor my families life. It was finished at Calvary. Thank you Lord. Amen





Battle ready bookI am Battle Ready book is a newly launched and written by Kelly Balarie.  It’s been pretty amazing so far, as I dig into the wealth of information she has offered, all biblcally based. Do you need some change? Join me, as we walk a new path, learning how God can make us into new creations. Yes. NEW. Newness of life, is what Jesus offers.

Kelly, like me, like you, and every single person in the world has a struggle, whether it is a current one, something you have overcome, or need to overcome, this book will help transform your life. How?  Well, let me tell you  how, first and foremost with a biblical foundation, nothing can be permanently changed. Kelly does such a fantastic scriptural description, in every chapter, that I needed a journal to write along. There is something about writing out what God is speaking into our heart, when we willingly take the word, write it out, speak it out, live it out, letting it become a transforming position within the deepest part of our life, we can then change. I am in that process…. still. Sometimes change comes quickly. Other things are so deep rooted within us, due to circumstances in our life, or how we were born with certain traits. This book is transforming me deeply. God’s word does that, and Battle Ready is indeed helping me to overcome obstacles! Thank God!

Ya know this life throws mind confusing crazy things at us, and we need to CONQUER our thought life, and live like we KNOW who we are IN CHRIST!!!!!   1 Cor. 6:19-20.   Why? Because Christ lives in me, in us, we shouldn’t doubt, or fear.  I need help  this … NOW….

When those thoughts come in, RUN into the WORD, and use tools like  I AM BATTLE READY to help fight off the battle of the mind.   Preperation is key. Know the WORD of GOD to fight this battle! YES YES AND YES!   BELIEVE IN THE MISSION God has given you. I have to remind myself too, that he  guides me to accomplish ALL he has planned in my life.

We take one step at a  time, using tools, like Kelly’s wisdom, as she has learned first hand how to make these changes in her own life, and share with us to do the same. It’s helping me to  become more focused and intentional when I am feeling blue, depressed, having a bad day etc, that I will speak theWORD OF GOD into my life. When I do that the atmosphere changes. The enemy can’t stay around and  pull me down when Jesus and HIS WORD are spoken!

Trusting God first is the most important component. He will transform our mind, he is doing that in me as I write this blog. It’s humbling, refreshing, loving, and oh, how wonderful is my Father, the lover of my soul, to use other followers of Jesus, to help me. As I change, those around me see the morphing. As I pray during my own stripping of the old, and living freer than ever before, people have been prayed for, before I even meet them. So, you see, this crossover, is not about me, well, some of it is. But for the glory of God.  That others will see Him in me. That is how this book can change and help you.

I will be a warrior in this life! On the WINNING side. How about you?  Are you ready to  become BATTLE READY?    Head over to this link to order your book now:

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Are you ready? Let’s do this together!

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Squatters not welcome

6022 Be prepared Oh, how I love God’s word. It cuts to the core. Unlike the pious and pretentious world we live in today. Seems that political correctness is the mindset to live by according to today’s standards. NOT!  As Christians, we do not conform to the ways of the world. The Devil controls the airwaves, so we must be conscious to speak and LIVE in Christ, daily, moment by moment.   I was reading today in Psalms 53, I will be honest,  I can be daring with my conversation at times, but THIS chapter cuts to the core.  You can read the message version here. I am using the Message Bible as I read through the Word this year.   It is written in today’s language. Some don’t care for the Word to be untraditionally set, but sometimes we need to read various versions to help us understand better what is being said (versions that are true to the Judeo Christian beliefs).  In Ps. 53 today, I sat there and said OUCH a few times… and highlighted/noted a few words and key points. I was praying and talking to God before reading this chapter, (I love how the Holy Spirit prepares the way when we ask for HIS wisdom), so this really hit home for me personally.  During which, I know I have residue in my life that needs a deep cleansing. My spiritual heart weeps at my shortcomings. Yes, they are there. Some deep, and wide. I prayed, Lord, forgive me, heal me. I need your help to live like you. As a woman after God’s heart. That is my longing and deepest desire. May I be a light in this very dark world. I don’t want to be a “wannabe” follower of Christ. My desire is to be the real deal. For others to see HIM IN ME wherever I go. Yet, I fail. I fall short. Jesus knew I would. that was his purpose while he walked this earth. He is my example and my deepest desire to walk in his ways. High expectations yes. But if I don’t have those to look to, I, like stated in Psalm 53, am nothing more than foul, full of poison, stupid, empty, lacking, an imposter, and oh my, vs 5 hit me hard…… I certainly do NOT want to be labeled a  squatter. Ugh, YUCK and oh nasty. Squatters are people who occupy someplace with no legal right, live unlawfully, and basically, steal from the place they live in. I/ We need to keep guard, and a watchful eye to not let the enemy slither into our mind and lives.    We need to walk the walk of FAITH. How many people say they are a “Christ follower”? Self-labeled a Christian, but don’t read the Word. Never taking time to fellowship with other believers, or take time to pray and truly communicate with God?  I do love the Word of God, I have many Bibles and devotions I read, and truly, in my heart of hearts, in my deepest desire, want to utilize and walk out the life He has to offer me.  But, I still fall short. That is what I was praying for last night and this morning.  As I live this life, I have been hurt, assuredly hurt others (not purposefully of course, but miscommunication, or lack of ….. we know, stuff happens) and sometimes caught in the valleys that seemingly have no end. The death of loved ones that go before us occur…. often times much too soon, leaving voids and a heart that misses other so desperately it hurts. So many other issues that happen, the pain is real. But so is joy. What will we choose?  4904 Grace. Ephesians    It is in that place of desperate need, the need of HIS  GRACE to fill us up; but he won’t until I run into HIS arms, seeking forgiveness for the errs created, intentional or not. As you read the Word, I pray that you seek after the wisdom he wants to teach you. The wisdom that can be shared with others, by living it out. When dark times come, mistakes are made, quickly turn to Him and ask for his help and forgiveness. Walk with me in this life – that is oh so temporary, and live for Him. Shedding all things of that hinder us so we will be light to those we meet along our path. Together, we CAN conquer this world, because we have Jesus in us. Love you friends…. may today be a wonderful peaceful Beacon of Hope day for you.


Do you wonder if the devil is real? He is. Here are some scriptures that speak of him, and how to resist that skanky one. Here is a PDF for you to print out, (it’ll download to your computer). While you print that, grab your bible, pen, and journal to take notes. We have the power in JESUS to denounce the enemy of our soul.  Be sure to pray before you start, for wisdom and God’s protection while you study. He is faithful to answer your requests! 🙂 1 Corinthians 7:5 James 4:7 1 John 3:8 2 Corinthians 4:4 2 Corinthians 11:3 2 Corinthians 12:1-10 Acts 5:3 Job 1:6-12 Matthew 16:23 Romans 16:20 Zacheriah 3:1-2 John 8:44 Genesis 3:1-5 Revelation 20:1-6 1 Peter 5:8-9 Ephesians 6:11-16
Scripture Mapping
Scripture Mapping Page

Who I am in Christ (Study)

7057 who i am in Christ

You, as a believer in Jesus, have the POWER to know that you are loved, strong and amazing because of what He did on the Cross, for you.


Never let the enemy tell you otherwise.

Here is one way to fight the enemy, by learning and knowing Scripture.

Click on the link below to begin your 30 day walk in journaling one verse a day. Print it, put it in your journal or bible, and pray as. you learn. God is a defender to those that love him.


Live in the freedom He offers……. no more doubt, fear, insecurity…. Praise him while you learn. He will honor your diligence and know,                                                     you are a WINNER in Christ!

More to come this month on Who we are in Christ…. come back to visit as I share more with you, we will conquer this together, as Kingdom warriors!

SCRIPTURE WRITING PLAN May 2018 Who I am in Christ


What is an anniversary?

…….A day that is set aside to celebrate and reflect. 0669 clouds As I was driving to my destination today, just as every April 24th rolls around for the past 21 years, a song has come on the radio, as if to say “I am with you Donna. Happy Anniversary, I still love you, even from Heaven.”, it touches my heart, and tears flow.

God works that way. Healing comes in the way of songs, notes, words someone might say. A reminder of the friendship that grew. Brian (my husband) was one of two trusted best friends in my life. Someone that I knew would have my back. He knew me. Although we had very different lifestyles. He was a bad boy growing up, and I never dared to get into any kind of trouble. He was incredibly worldly, I wasn’t. His very dry humor would make my eyes roll and want to have a drum in hand to do a BUDUM-Bump. He would do the same with my silly and sometimes very twisted humor. He was a Rocker to loud and obnoxious (my description to his style of music), I was a dancer to the beat. Yet with our differences, we found that middle ground. Neither of us arrived at perfection. We certainly had our share of shortcomings, big and small. Yet, There’s still Something that moves me still. Grief and love never go away.

You’re asking me will my love grow I don’t know, I don’t know You stick around and it may show I don’t know, I don’t know Something in the way she knows And all I have to do is think of her Something in the things she shows me I don’t want to leave her now You know I believe and how… (Something, by the Beatles – a wedding song we played, and one that touches my soul, 36 years later). ~ it is an Endless Love ********************************************************** — Although Brian is not here now, on earth, he is living in Heaven – free and full of joy. I rejoice in his freedom, and one day we will be together again. Jesus is real. Heaven is forever. Salvation was Brian’s on the day He said “Jesus live in my life, you are my Savior”. He struggled for 18 years with his denomination, who told him he (and I, because I wouldn’t covert to that denomination) was going to hell. So incredibly awful of a priest to say, because only God is the one who says WELCOME into The Kingdom. Forgiveness is yours  to ask for while on this earth. No one has to wait. Brian, through much prayer and guidance, found freedom, 18 years after struggling with what that one ugly comment, which had him spiritually bound and tied, for much too long. It is only through Jesus who is the Redeemer who freed Brian. I bet he never realized that he’d be a  white boy  who would dance — in heaven! Ha! This dancing girl DID teach him he’d dance! 🙂 yeah! ********************************************************* For those who have yet to loose a loved one to death, please never be cliche with those who are living with death of a loved one. The survived one, never EVER just gets OVER it. NEVER. That is one of the most inappropriate things to say. What should you say or do? Love. be there. Send a card. Inbox a big hello with a personal note. Just be there. The week of the death. And even years later. Never be cliche nor ignore the loss that is so evident after a death.

Where can I go

¨¨Oh, how I love ¨¨¨Psalm 139. 

What a promise of GOD’S omnipresence. He is with us always and everywhere.


4023 Road-1

There is no escaping Him. He hears our speech, sees our actions, knows our attitudes.

No hiding from the heart of God. He is Father. Lover of our soul.

Don’t run from him. He loves you – nothing you have ever done scares him away.

Live relaxed as you release your every concern.

Do what you need to do, but if you are struggling in any way, ask God for wisdom, he will give you all  the direction you need as you pray, and listen.


Don’t get ahead or lag behind. When you are quiet before Him. He will then guide you and open doors.

There is no escaping Him, He knows us even before we entered our mother’s womb. He protects us, loves us – as we trust HIM to help us. Releasing our hands and mindsets to allow him to enter and guide us.

When we hold on to things, we gain stress, worry, frustration and other negative issues. Release the “stuff” to him. Please. let go. It’s going to be ok. He keeps you in check.

3987 falling apart-1.jpg


I have personally lived with enough strife, worry and concerns that I held onto, thinking I could or needed to fix them. That makes the Father’s heart cry. It was when I let Him take the reigns, pray with desperation in my imperfection, and not able to find my way –

Know that God’s love is real, and never does he want to hurt or condemn you. He is the perfect Father, who has such grace and mercy. Envelope his amazing love and allow him to heal you.



Father, thank you for your love, I affirm your OmniPresence, you are with me and protecting me all the days of my life. I love you Jesus and thank you for your grace. 


Enjoy this wonderful Song, What mercy did for me; with Micah Taylor.



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Spiritual Manicures

Today as I had my nails done, I related the process to life. We start out with our sweet little baby hands and fingers, who doesn’t love themIMG_6567


We grow and adapt, and for many of us girls, we like to look nice, so we head over to the beauty section pick out our favorite colors and tools to beautify our nails.

It reminded me of how in the beginning when God created the world, Eve needed nothing. Not even clothing. God made her perfectly designed. With ONE instruction. Do not eat that apple. It leads to distractions and destruction. But that serpent snake, the Devil, crept in to deceive her. She then talked Adam into sharing with her. Oh boy… God was not happy. The punishment was about to turn on them like white on rice. Oh, Eve. Why did you not listen to God? Would I have listened? Probably not. Sigh…….

Colors, oh the choices!
The many colors of OPI

Back to the nails…  relate a broken nail to the brokenness in our life, thanks to Eve…. we have to maintain our bodies and minds, as well as the soul. Christ paid the ransom for our brokenness. Our spiritual and physical sin. When we have Christ in our life, he mends those broken places, much like filing or cutting nails down, only to create something beautiful. Pink. Pretty. Nice. Lovely.

Praise GOD for His gift to us; AND, it’s FREE~~~~   unlike beauty treatments.


One thing I have always liked about my body is my hands. I have good hands. Strong, long fingers…. good nails too, which grow naturally long and look like I have them “created”.  But they are mine. I got that blessing from my Gram and Mom. We had good hands and nails. But in order to keep them looking nice, I need the set of tools. Of course, if I want pretty colors,  I need to choose which I like, and add the base coat and top coat, with a good conditioner. The cuticle tool, cutters, pointy cleaner tool, to remove extra paint. Cotton balls, remover, file, buffer and all that jazz!

It is a PROCESS that takes at least two hours a week to maintain.

Are you following how this relates to our spiritual mind and soul?

If we don’t maintain a good foundation of Bible teaching, and reading the Bible ourselves, (please don’t use the excuse you can’t understand it – because God has given you the tools for that ! You CAN understand every word of the Good Book, all the time!).    Spend time in devotional reading, friends who teach and talk about the walk in Christ; When doing any scripture study, always begin in prayer, asking the Holy Spirit to help you understand!

Grow in the Word and with God, you are beautiful, secure, full of life, color, just like the finished product on a good manicure, clean, beautiful and lovely! Every time you work on your nails, think of the Goodness of God, and his amazing love for you! Choose whats lovely to guide your life! It is good. Father, we thank you for your strength and wisdom. Thank you for forgiving us when we seek and ask for such; may our beauty be from the inside out, that all will see your glory in and through us!  In Jesus  name, Amen. 


Family Ties – is it a love or hate relationship?

Florida beach, family,

Family Gatherings can bring a host of feelings when it comes to spending time together. We never asked to be born into the family we have. It just happens. God chooses us to be right smack in the middle of love, mercy, joy, and fun, or …… in reality, we are in the midst of dysfunctional cray-zay! A whole host of angry, jealousy, hurt, pain,  and suffering people who show up for dinner to present an unbalanced diet of raw emotions. Hurt people, hurt people. The cycle continues. Sometimes, people act aloof or pretentious, ignoring the pain – not sure which way is worse…. the silence of ignoring the elephant in the room or being open and unbalanced.

What’s a person to do? Ah, life. Choices. Love anyway. Real love – not faking it kind of love. Getting real and ooze that love, at all times.

During my childhood, and into my 20’s, I was hopeful that the “ugly”  issues that arose would resolve; people would choose love over hurt, pain, and misunderstandings; peaceful communication would win out every time…. but as years moved on, I began to lose hope in humanity as a whole. People seem to enjoy the choice of acting in hostility and insecurity, which often times continued without altering viewpoints and meeting halfway.  thought: If a person continues to lash out, they must enjoy the pain, otherwise, wouldn’t they just STOP the madness?

1442 John 16 33 _ _edited-1

So many moments with a broken heart, saddened by what I consider lack of integrity. Loss of real love and forgiveness.  The personal agenda, whether purposed or innocently subjected,  wouldn’t it be best to offer a peaceful moment to reconcile.  — God wants desires that we take our troubles to the foot of Jesus. Let him help us overcome ALL obstacles so we can live in peace with each other

Maturity, and letting go of pride are monumental in moving out from the muck and feelings of being out of control, and into the joy and peace that God gifts to us.

When my children were   2, 4 and 6 years old, life was moving forward. We had had our share of struggles, as all couples do, (life is never a bed of flowers; cactus comes up to surprise ya every now and then), but we worked through all things that came our way. Overall, things were well, our kids were healthy and strong, we were working and life was moving forward.

One morning, fairly early, about 8 am,  my husband, at work already, and there was a knock at the front door. I was still in my PJ’s, if I remember correctly, my kids may have had a day off and possibly been still asleep or in the basement playing… I don’t recall…I do remember it was quiet, as I wondered who in the world would be at my door that early? My heart was racing as I went to the window to see what car was outside. When I saw the little blue car on the street, I squinted quizzically and realized who it was. My cousin. I opened the door, confused wondering why he was there so early, as he lived a good distance away, and usually never showed up unannounced. My mind was racing, only thinking: who could be dead or in the hospital…. never imagining that his wife left him, and she temporarily took the kids, and only a few days to find somewhere to live. Wala Whalah ding dong….right? First thing in the morning. He was distraught. Upset to say the very least.  Of course, I hugged him, told him it would be ok, and I am sure I asked a few other questions, long gone from my memory at this point in time, and then invited him to come stay with us. After he left, I didn’t even concur with my husband if that was OK!?!? YIKES! Oofu mistake, right? 

Why do I tell this story?  Twofold reasoning. I immediately told him he could stay with us.  I acted on love.  Love never has to think twice. I sternly suggested he go empty the apartment, get whatever was left and then go get the kids, who were 3 and 9. I was relieved when I called my husband at work to update him with this “family drama”, and he, of course, said to me, he can come stay with us while he figures all this out. Phew. That worked out – love worked it all out. Love never ever fails!

With confidence as strong as a brick wall, I knew it was the RIGHT thing to do. We needed to be there for my cousin, he needed solid friendships to help him walk through this dark night….. together, with five kids under 9,  and three of them in potty training mode. That’s real folks! Work it out we did!

Secondly, my husband and I  could help. If for nothing else but to be a good support during this huge struggle in his life. Doesn’t everyyyyyyone do such things? (come to find out afterward,  the answer to that question is no. People do not let other people move in. I can go off on a tangent on that remark in itself. We’ll save that for another time).

People like to live behind closed doors. No one wants a witness that their life is not so pretty as presented when outside the walls of their safe haven. #liesfromtheenemy.   We all have troubles, we all make mistakes, we all deserve second and third chances.

Second, the reason this story is pertinent is God gave people to live this life out TOGETHER.

0893c couple in florida.jpg

Couples stick together through THICK and THIN. Whether life is a walk on the sweet sunny beach, or when it falls upon shaky ground, or hurricanes of junk come flying your way, you work it out. Life gets sticky and stinky – sometimes often!

So, when you say I DO – it is A LIFETIME of  YESES – No’s and everything in-between.

The tides come in and go out. Nighttime is the stronger tide, weather it out. In the morning the sun shines and clarity comes, you work -it -all -out.

Choose your spouse with wisdom, not a fling, not by looks or status quo. Look into the heart and eyes of that person. Get real honest with yourself and see the person you want to marry for what they truly are. Yes, people can change, but often times, pride gets in the way – down the path of arrogance and selfish desire. Relationships go both ways.

Realize as well, your marriage is bringing two families together, which are often times very different in the way they live, habits, ideals, and a host of other things.    Communicate and love each other – be with each other, because we have enough enemies in this world as it is. May our homes be one of love and grace.

Please understand nobody is exempt from being hurt or hurting others. We all fail. ALL of us. The quick resolve is that when we have Christ in our lives, we learn to be guided by His Word, (the Bible). His love covers all the sins we create. Grace, mercy, and love will make clear when we realize we have made mistakes. Forgive quick and love always!

*** side note: Abuse is never acceptable, so the sidenote to this story is if you are in an abusive relationship, seek help. No one should be a punching bag, nor verbally attacked for any reason. Seek your local hospital, county or village to find out who can help near you.


5082 c purple petunias

This Easter, if you are a follower of Jesus and accepted him as your personal Savior, then you are a part of His Royal Family. THEE family – Born of and to God, for and with a PURPOSE. There is no greater love than that of Jesus.   Live in his wonderful love.

If you do not have Jesus in your life, please say this simple prayer, and you will live eternally in Heaven, and walk this earth with Jesus as your sweet guide as you walk and talk with him, learn his Words from the Bible, our guide to life, and blessings will be yours.

 –– Lord, thank you for salvation. Thank you for your willingness, Jesus, to go to the cross and die for my sins. I repent and want to live a good clean life, free from sin. Forgive me of my past sins, and help me as I walk in the days ahead, listening for your prompting when I do sin or want to sin, and I will be quick to leave that behind me. Thank you for forgiving me and loving me. In Your Name, Amen. 






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Rest and obey- the Deuteronomy way!


6022 Resting in the Lord

God’s word is so active and wonderful.

Yet, even though I know this is true, I sometimes struggle with His promises,   (I know, you gasp, right? lol).   I forget that those promises are YES and AMEN  FOR ME.

There are times when I need an answer, no, I am DESPERATE for an answer, and like a toddler, I think I need it NOW, as I stomp my foot and cry out to Him.

Sweet Jesus, I pray, I KNOW you hear me… give me a signal like with the internet, let me KNOW you are here or near or SOMETHING — right?!?! Can you relate?

Maybe you have a struggle as well – it might be with finances, health, family issues,  or something job-related… no matter the concern…… It’s in the NOW realm.

But God already knew before we prayed for that need.  He truly cares, more than a best friend would. When we relax, we breath easier. When we breath easier, we have less stress. Less stress leads to better decisions, and emotions stay intact. We can concentrate on Him guiding us.  Oh, Lord, I need that today, don’t you as well?

Reading through Deuteronomy today, chapter 11 is a confirming word for me at this very moment. I needed these words today. I need a big answer to a real need. Only God can deliver. He does this through his word. That is why it’s sooooo very important to stay grounded in the Bible. It is our teacher. The Holy Spirit is our guide while we read. He gently tugs at our heart and mind when we read something that needs to resonate at the moment. Often for a long time. It’s real. God is real.  Love  Him with your whole heart.

The answer, I believe, for me personally is going to happen soon. It might be answered TODAY, or maybe tomorrow …… but if it is next week, that is ok. He is always a good good Father that is right on time. Oh, how I love Jesus.  Verse one in Deuteronomy tells us to LOVE GOD, MY God.  Yes, he is… My Loving God.  It goes on to express how he drowned those who were against him. Yikes. Don’t mess with my God! You’ll get your justice…. am I speaking to the choir?  Get on with your p’s and q’s, those who don’t follow Thee God and Creator. Phew.  We better delight in his miracles and power – and I’d say, let’s do that even  BEFORE we see the miracle. That’s trust!  I stand here alive and  VERY well because I  DO love Him. I call him DADDY – Papa – titles of endearment. Bam!  He’s got MY back, every time! I’ll willingly keep the commandments, and, if when,  I fail, I repent ASAP! That’s GRACE!

I get to go in and POSSESS the LAND that HE promised me, my foes will be shackled and shamed because they do not know Him. (embarrassing, huh?!? Wouldn’t want to be THEM).

I’m gonna do my best to stay on the straight and narrow. Yes indeedy.  I will LISTEN (vs. 13-15) O.B.E.D.I.A.N.T.L.Y.

Lord Jesus help me with that, I can be a strong-willed child,  allowing the emotions of the day to gain access, instead of running to YOU, my strong tower! I will be vigilant to your word. God promised to give my ancestors the ground/land as long as the sky is over the Earth. I  will stick closely to the Word of God, never leave His great place, and he will drive out the nations — the NATIONS – and expand my borders that will stretch across the wilderness. Oh God, my God. this is HUGE, this is POWERFUL. Definatly bigger than me. Stronger than what I could ever imagine or do. I will stay humble to his heart and calling. I will say YES Lord. I will obey. As a good child does, who loves their Father. I do Lord, I do, love You… with all my heart, soul, body and mind.


Let’s Pray, Father, thank you for your word and your endless love. I am so grateful for what you do for me, often times, behind the scenes. I need to let go of the stress as I pray to you, I will confirm my prayers not by need, but by what you say to me. I enforce the victory, not the necessity. I speak life into my circumstances and refuse to bemoan about them. I rejoice and am so glad to call you a Good – very Good Father. It IS who you are. Live and breathe in me today Lord. I love you Jesus. Amen. 


   Here’s some deeper reading of Deut. chapter 11.…… I pray you sense his presence as you dig deeper into believing God is who he says he is!

thou shalt This verse is the practical improvement of the conclusion of the foregoing chapter; while the next verse begins another view of the subject.

Deuteronomy 6:5 And you shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, and with …

Deuteronomy 10:12 And now, Israel, what does the LORD your God require of you, but …

Deuteronomy 30:16-20 In that I command you this day to love the LORD your God, to walk in his ways…

Psalm 116:1 I love the LORD because he has heard my voice and my supplications.


Leviticus 8:35 Therefore shall you abide at the door of the tabernacle of the congregation …

Zechariah 3:7 Thus said the LORD of hosts; If you will walk in my ways, and if …

his statutes

Deuteronomy 4:1,5,40 Now therefore listen, O Israel, to the statutes and to the judgments, …

Deuteronomy 6:1 Now these are the commandments, the statutes, and the judgments, …

Psalm 105:45 That they might observe his statutes, and keep his laws. Praise you the LORD.

Luke 1:74,75 That he would grant to us, that we being delivered out of the hand …

God be the center of life

I love life. There is a renewed place of contentment that I have longed for, that has finally arrived.  Oh, for a much too a long period of time, I  was stuck in this place of doubt, fear, questions, wonder and a place of lack for far too long.
So many questions have  I asked God and so many tears flowed. Yet, so many answers I am still waiting for. But, I know, in His sovereignty, He has guided, protected, and loved me – very quietly, and always right on time, meeting me at each step I took.  He never leaves me. I continue to trust all of His wonderful promises will come flourishing into my life. One at a time, or maybe many of them at once. He knows, and I am willing to wait as I trust.

Have you ever had a time when you just “heard” from God? You could hardly wait to have him show you the places or people you were to meet. It is a marvelous and most wonderful place to be. The anticipation of waiting to hear what he is speaking. It’s not an audible voice, it’s a clear and defined sense of direction, sometimes a few details, other times precise.  That’s how I know it’s God– the Holy Spirit, I had that affirmation.

He has a transforming story for each of our lives. He confirms by a story in the Bible, a speaker, devotional, friend, phone call, or a song on the radio.

I am so unashamedly sold out to an audience of One. God. My main, providential, Maker, who loves me with an intense love, he holds me close to his heart, wipes my tears, fills me up with confidence and strength, as no one else could ever do. He has my whole mind body and soul.

Who am I that he thinks of me with such love, he calls me by name, calling me his friend? I  am a real live woman, that has made too many mistakes, says things at times when I should be quiet. Yet, his Word tells me the promises written, are yes and AMEN, they are mine. I am whole, righteous, and complete because He lives in me.
Living in freedom, as the sparrow who flies and sings every morning, is what He offers – fresh mercy every day!

His intense love for each of us releases all condemnation, sickness, issues, and in return, offers wholeness, fulfilled dreams, and positive wonderful life.

Authentic love. That’s who I am, and who my Father in heaven offers to me.

Do you know Him with the passion that he has for you? I invite you to join me on a lifelong journey with the Lord.

Prayer: Father thank you for your invitation to be free. You offer a perfect love, that sometimes I just don’t understand…you are always faithful and true. I yearn to stay in your sweet presence, I will stay in tune with you, as I wait for answers, and thank you for what you have done for me in the past. 

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